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Foot Reflexology #01

About Foot Reflexology

Reflexology on the feet is a widely used intervention. The feet lie furthest from the heart, therefore circulation can stagnate here. It is vitally important to keep blood circulating back up to the heart to avoid diseases and to clear waste products, such as uric acid and calcium crystals. These can form in the nerve endings in the bottom of the feet, due to the natural pull of gravity. Foot reflexology can increase and aid the circulation and by applying pressure to these crystals, they can be dispersed and carried away in the blood. Foot reflexology can stimulate more than 7000 nerve endings, encouraging the opening of neural pathways and the clearing of blocked energy channels. Stress, tension, poor posture and ill fitting shoes can all add to a restriction of blood flow and a sluggish lymphatic system. When blood flow or lymphatic circulation is restricted, oxygen rich blood carrying nutrients and white blood cells find it harder to reach all areas to fight infection, digest germs and remove toxins and waste products.

Advantages of Foot Reflexology

The advantages of foot reflexology are that the feet are often protected by socks and shoes and the reflex points are often more sensitive due to this. The feet also provide a larger surface area to enable the reflex points and areas to be accessed easily. A massage of the feet is also often extremely relaxing.

Experiencing Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology is experienced on a reflexology reclining chair and only the shoes and socks are removed. It is useful to be able to roll your trousers up to your calves to allow for full massage techniques. The full foot treatment session lasts for 45 minutes and works on both feet for equal time. There is time at the beginning of the session to reflect since the previous session and also following the treatment to feed back findings and relax. Shorter 25 minute power sequence sessions for specific ailments or conditions are also available upon discussion.
An oil or powder is used on the feet to aid massage techniques. This can be chosen according to client preference and / or medical history and will be discussed prior to treatments.

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