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Hand Reflexology #01

About Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology works on the same theory as foot reflexology by stimulating areas on the hands that are mapped as reflex areas corresponding with areas or organs in the body. Hand reflexology is used to relieve stress, improve blood circulation, promote nerve conduction and initiate a deep sense of relaxation. The hand is richly supplied with blood vessels and nerve endings, which can become congested - the congestion can be relieved by the manual massage techniques of reflexology.

Advantages of Hand Reflexology

The advantages of hand reflexology are that some people can have sensitive or ticklish feet or feel sensitive about the feet being touched. The hands therefore provide an effective alternative. There may also be an injury or infection on the feet, ankles or lower legs that make it inappropriate to treat with foot reflexology, whereas treating the hands would give the same benefits. Conditions such as MS, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome that may cause pain and discomfort in the hands and arms may be particularly relieved by treating the hands. Hand reflex points or short sequences can be used on yourself in between sessions to maximise benefits and provide on going positive effects.

Shorter power sequences for those with less time available can also be easily delivered using the hands with maximum benefits for specific ailments or conditions.

Experiencing Hand Reflexology

Hand reflexology treatments can be delivered in almost any setting that is conducive to relaxation. A reflexology reclining chair can be used for treatments, however, if there is not room for this, any chair or comfortable area can be used. It is useful to be able to roll up any sleeves above the elbow to enable full massage techniques. The full hand reflexology treatment session lasts for 45 minutes and works on both hands for equal time. There is time at the beginning of the session to reflect since the previous session and also following the treatment to feed back findings and relax. Shorter 25 minute power sequence sessions for specific ailments or conditions are also available upon discussion.
An oil or powder is used on the hand to aid massage techniques. This can be chosen according to client preference and / or medical history and will be discussed prior to treatments.

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